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Frequently Asked Questions

Keeping your mouth healthy doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Usually a dental checkup once or twice a year is sufficient for most people with a stable dental condition. 

If it’s been a while since you have been to the dentist, you may need some fillings or other work done to get your teeth healthy again. Once your teeth and gums are healthy, regular check ups should be all you need. 

Keeping up a good dental hygiene routine at home can drastically reduce the need for extra dental treatment.

General dental clinics operate throughout the metropolitan area and in country Western Australia. They provide subsidised general and emergency dental care for financially and geographically eligible Western Australians including;  

Those who hold a current Health Care or Pension Concession Card

Children aged 0 to 4 whose name appears on their parent’s Health Care or Pension  Concession Card.

Patients receiving emergency or general dental care at a public dental clinic or private dental practitioner who participates in the Dental Subsidy Scheme are charged a fee and will be issued with an account (or the parent/guardian in the case of minors).

All dental charges are in line with the Commonwealth Department of Veterans’ Affairs schedule of dental fees.

Treatment obtained at a public dental clinic or a participating private dental clinic is subsidised by the Western Australian government up to a maximum of 75% of the cost of the treatment. The actual level of dental subsidy a person is entitled to is based upon their Centrelink income which is assessed by DHS.

The School Dental Service (SDS) is a public health programme and provides free general dental care to students who attend a Western Australian Department of Education recognised school aged 5 to 16 years or until the end of year 11.

The SDS is delivered state-wide through fixed and mobile dental therapy centres (DTC’s) co-located within selected schools.
All treatment at the SDS is 100% subsidised by the WA State Government.

If you have private health insurance with dental ancillary cover, your insurance will cover a portion of your treatment costs, but often not the full amount meaning there will be a gap for you to pay. The amount your health insurance fund covers will depend on the type of policy you have. 

After your initial check up, the dentist will give you a treatment plan. Depending on which health fund you are with we may be able to find out how much they will cover for your subsequent treatment. Alternatively, you will need to contact them directly.

Please bring your health insurance card with you to your appointments for on the spot claiming as we will need to physically swipe your card to process the claim. 

General and major are terms typically used when speaking about health insurance dental extras cover. 

General dental treatment is things like check ups, cleanings, xrays, fillings and simple extractions.

Major dental treatment usually means things like root canal treatment, dentures, crowns, veneers and grinding guards. 

Depending on what level of insurance cover you have, you may have both general and major dental, or just general dental. The amount which you are covered for each year depends on your policy.

In short, teeth whitening is safe when it’s done by a AHPRA registered professional. Whitening toothpastes sold outside the dentist surgery are often unregulated and made with abrasive materials that “scrub” away stains, leaving the “appearance” of whiter teeth. Some products contain harsh chemicals that erode your enamel, leaving your teeth permanently sensitive. 


Before undertaking whitening treatment, we recommend you have your teeth checked and cleaned. This is because the whitening products that we use only whiten natural enamel, so if you have build-up on your teeth or large fillings on the front of your teeth before whitening them, this will leave a “patchy” result. 


We also like to check for any active tooth decay prior to whitening, because if the whitening gel comes into contact with the deeper layers of the tooth, it can damage the nerve of the tooth.