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Our Dentistry

Smile City never wants you to feel anxious or embarrassed at the dentist. We aim to provide you with optimal service at fair prices. We strive to deliver treatment that will feel good, look good and function well for you.

No Surprise Charges!

At Smile City our team are always happy to provide you itemised quotes for treatment at any stage throughout your visit. We try to give you options for alternative treatments that will fit your budget and do not believe in a one size fits all, “our way or the highway” approach.

You should never feel embarrassed or awkward about asking us to explain our prices or what is involved in each option to you – this is our job and we are happy to do it. Also, your consent is a powerful thing – if you decide that you want to change your mind about a treatment planned, or spread it out of a longer time period, that’s ok!

Australian Technicians

When we need to utilise the help of others to complete your dental treatment – be it making a mouthguard for kids sports or creating the most beautiful porcelain crown for your front tooth, we use Aussie made. While there is often nothing wrong with items made overseas, we prefer to work with local people and help keep local jobs for these amazing and talented craftspeople.

Safe & Clean

Smile City upholds the highest standard of surgery cleanliness and infection control. We aim to meet or exceed all Australian and International standards. If you would like to know anything about how we make sure our instruments and equipment are fresh and clean for every patient, please ask. We are more than happy to give you a tour of our sterilisation room and give you details of any cleaning products used.


Frequently Asked Questions

There is nothing to be embarrassed about and at Smile City no one will judge you or your mouth no matter how long it’s been between visits. 

We are happy you have chosen to come to see us, and we will make your visit as easy and stress free as possible.

Feel free to take things at your own pace, you may need to start things slow to begin with, until you are feeling more confident.

Please don’t sit at home putting off your toothache because you are worried we will make you feel bad or guilty.

The saying goes, “brush in the morning to keep your friends, brush in the evening to keep your teeth”. 

Brushing your teeth in the morning starts your day off with lovely clean sparkling teeth and fresh breath. 

Brushing your teeth at night removes all the food scraps from your teeth so that the bacteria in your mouth have nothing to feast on all night long. Having clean teeth while you sleep drastically reduces your risk of tooth decay.

Adult orthodontic treatment works similarly to treatment provided to children and adolescents but there are a few key differences;

Time – since adults have stopped growing, it is harder to move their teeth. So it will typically take longer for adults to straighten their teeth.

Risk – there is a higher risk of certain complications in adult orthodontics, these include root resorption and TMD.

Result – in adults, there is often a compromise required in order to complete treatment. For example – adult gum tissue is more likely to recede when teeth are moved due to loss of elasticity.

Cost – depending on time and complexity, it can sometimes cost more to fix problems later in life, instead of when we are younger.

With any medical treatment we choose to have performed, there are risks involved. Those who say that overseas treatment is “”unsafe”are probably being a bit black and white. There can be issues and increased risk with any treatment, anywhere in the world. 

In Australia, there are regulatory bodies and health practice standards which create a framework within which medical treatment performed is as safe as it can be, and patients have rights and recourse regarding any adverse outcomes.

Overseas, there will be many places that meet the same standards we have in Australia, and there will naturally be others that don’t. The most important thing you can do as a patient is to ensure you critically evaluate any practitioners and practices you intend to visit. 

When you require follow up care or maintenance for work done overseas, sometimes Australian dentists are fearful that their insurance will not cover them if they attempt to do so. This is in part a result of the litigious society in which we currently live, and can result in stress for both patient and dentist.

Well that depends on what you mean by work! Mouthwash does make our mouth feel clean and fresh, and can freshen our breath. However, mouthwash does not really have any lasting or long term impact on the health of our teeth and gums.


Mouthwash does not replace brushing and flossing, but it is not harmful to use in addition to these things if you are doing them already.


There are some exceptions where your dentist will prescribe you a certain mouthrinse to use, but this is not usually a special product for your individual condition.

  1. You have painful teeth or swollen gums
  2. You can feel a hole in your tooth
  3. Your gums are bleeding
  4. Your mouth is very dry
  5. You fall pregnant
  6. Your teeth become sensitive to hot and cold
  7. You have sores that do not heal in your mouth
  8. You have bad breath
  9. You are having trouble eating or drinking normally
  10. Your jaw is aching and sore