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Tooth Trouble?

At Smile City we welcome you to come to us with your tooth troubles. We are happy to see you at any stage, whether you have just lost a filling today or you have had a broken and sore tooth that you have been trying to ignore for a year.

Our gentle and caring team will explore what has gone wrong and give you options to fix it. We will explain to you what we see and why we think it has occurred, and how to prevent it happening again.

No Surprise Charges!

Do you have a sore, broken or cracked tooth?

There are many things that can go wrong with our teeth – let’s face it, we use them multiple times a day to crush, chew and grind our food. We use our teeth to eat hard and crunchy things and we subject them to piping hot and freezing cold temperatures.

When something goes wrong with our teeth – we immediately notice!

If you feel overwhelmed or need time to think on your treatment choices, or want more information along the way, we are happy to assist. The most important thing to us is not your tooth – it’s the person attached to it – you! If we look after you as a whole, this also means your teeth will be cared for in the best way possible.

Tooth trouble can impact;

Gentle Care

Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes if we leave a toothache, the pain will go away temporarily. This will lead you into a false sense of security, and unfortunately the toothache will most likely come back at some stage, usually worse than before. It is important you come to see us to have the tooth looked at and assessed.

The dentist will have a look at your tooth, and may need to take an x-ray, to see how far the cavity/decay goes and if it has reached the nerve space of your tooth. In most cases, a simple filling is required. We will remove the decay, clean the tooth and bond in a new filling made of resin-type material.

The important thing to remember is that your dentist is here to help you get out of pain and the only way to do that is to come in and see us. If you are feeling nervous, we have different options available, such as Nitrous Oxide (happy gas) to help you feel at ease during your appointment. We will always ensure you are looked after with the best of care possible, rest assured you will be treated gently.

The thought of a visit to the dentist can sometimes be daunting. For some people this comes from a previous traumatic experience, or fear of the unknown. We will do our best to ensure your experience with us is as relaxing, comfortable and as pain free as possible.

If you are feeling very nervous, a good way to start is to come in for a checkup. The dentist will have a look and see if any treatment is required, and will formulate a plan with you, to ensure the best way for the treatment to be carried out. You will be involved throughout the entire decision making process. We can use our camera to take photos to show you any of the problems we find, so you know exactly what is going on inside your mouth.

We want you to feel comfortable at every stage of your treatment, and we also want you to know your treatment plan can be altered/changed at any time to suit your level of comfort and financial needs.

There are a few options available for making your dental treatment experience more comfortable. The most commonly used option we offer is use of the “happy gas” (Nitrous Oxide), which helps to relieve nerves and calm you for the duration of your treatment session. The benefit of this is that you will be able to drive and carry out your usual daily activities after your appointment, as it has no lasting effect of drowsiness. Most people choose this as a very safe and affordable option.

If you are very anxious and phobic, we can also organise for you to be sedated for your dental treatment. This option requires another clinician to come and administer IV medications to put you under twilight sedation. There will also need to be a second nurse, trained in patient resuscitation, present to monitor you while you are sedated. Due to the extra people and precautions/insurances required, this can cost anywhere from $700 and up on top of the cost of your dental treatment.

Dental care is expensive, this is the honest truth. In Australia, medicare does not cover the vast majority of those who need dental treatment, and so often people suffer in silence.

At Smile City we will always try to be as open and careful as we can when it comes to our fees and charges. We are happy to see you for a consultation only, where we can identify most major issues and offer solutions, without a great cost. If x-rays or other diagnosis tools are required we can quote you for these before doing them.

If you need time to pay or save for your dental treatment, we are always happy to speak to you about your options for doing so. We can spread out treatment so that is done more slowly and so the cost is manageable for your budget.

If there is a way we can refer you to have treatment in the public system, we will also help you to make this happen.

Teeth are a lot like icebergs, only a small portion of the tooth is visible when we look inside your mouth. We can only diagnose and fix what we can see, and without xrays to show us “under the water” there is a lot we will miss.

Modern dental xrays are digital and very low dose radiation, so this should not be a concern to you when having them taken.

Dental x-rays are a fantastic diagnostic tool, used to help us accurately treat and diagnose decay, nerve involvement, periodontitis (gum disease), tooth placement in the mouth and wisdom teeth assessment. An x-ray isn’t always required, but if your condition is a little more complicated, or it has been more than a year or two since your last dental x-rays, this tool assists us in accurately making decisions regarding your treatment, and in turn resulting in the best outcome possible.

Some simple conditions are adequately treatable without the need for x-rays, but there is only so much we can see just from looking in your mouth. By taking an x-ray, we can accurately see how far decay has gone into a tooth, if the nerve of your tooth is compromised/damaged, if you have an infection associated with a tooth, or if your gum and bone levels are at a healthy level. X-rays also assist us with assessing if your wisdom teeth are developing, erupting (growing through the gum), or impacted. Without this tool, we cannot always treat you properly.

At Smile City we will try to fix all your problems in house where possible. Sometimes, in order to do the best job, or to do the job safely, we must ask for help from another dentist or dental specialist.

We do not send you elsewhere lightly, as we know it can often mean increased time or cost to you. When we ask you to see one of our colleagues, it is typically someone we trust and know will look after you as well as we would want to.

If you don’t want to see someone else, then you can choose not to, and we will be open and honest with you about the consequences in a judgment free manner. We only seek to give you the best care, the care we would want for our own family.

Sensitive teeth can be very uncomfortable and get in the way of everyday life. If you have teeth that are sensitive to cold water or air or brushing, it is usually because;

You have a hole in your tooth somewhere, or a filling is getting loose
The roots of your tooth are exposed and not covered tightly by gum
You have a chip or crack in your tooth
The enamel has worn away in an area of your tooth

If you come for a check up, we can tell you what is causing your sensitivity and help relieve it for you.